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Addiction to social media. Wasted time. Spending hours scrolling social media. Checking social media during study time. Some apps are confusing to use.
*That the app exceeds her expectations. *Not bad for a free version. *That paid version is very tempting.
You need a program or guide to study for yourself. Influencers say to try the Pomodoro technique to increase productivity
It feels like I need to manage my time better. What is a Pomodoro timer? Do I need that app for studying?
I wasted most of my days doing nothing. Feels like it takes a long time to finish things Unable to stop checking my phone Social media addicted
Some people study and work with timetables. Facebook Newsfeed Youtube videos explaining about Pomodoro timer
I lost track of the time. I like to get better and build better habits.
Tries to do homework. Search for some apps on app stores Watch youtube channels. Download an app that actually works.

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